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Rob Allen

Rob Allen Bungee
Get the flexibility you need to hunt bigger fish with the Rob Allen Bungee.

Using the 270kg Dynema security line which runs through the middle of the rubber and linked to the end loops.
The TPE rubber is a strong and flexible line which has been designed to specifically meet Australian standards such as U.V and Solvent resistance.
These lines are perfect when looking to hunt bigger fish.


5m bungee (stretches to 15m)

10m bungee (stretches to 30m) Navn: Lager: Pris: Antall:
RobAllen Bungee 10m RobAllen Bungee 10m Ikke på lager 750,00/st
RobAllen Bungee 5m RobAllen Bungee 5m På lager 400,00/st