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Molchanovs Tau

Molchanovs Tau

The new Molchanovs rope has been tested in countless training sessions and used in competitions. It is perfect for free immersion but still amazing for any discipline as it does not float or bounce. Even in murky water, the color contrast and markings make it visible to determine your depth and speed.


Other advantages to our rope are that it is pre-stretched. This 10mm rope will not have any issues with drying out and warping. It will fit nicely into your Molchanovs buoy and can be purchased in any length for you to train on and reach your personal best.


Rope Color: White

Materials & Sizing
100% Double Braided Polyester
10mm diameter (other sizes available upon request)

Approved for competitions

Care Instructions
Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after every use Navn: Lager: Pris: Antall:
Molchanov 10mm tau Molchanov 10mm tau På lager 30,00/m