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Konkurranseline 10/12mm

Konkurranseline 10/12mm

The Apneaman COMPETITION rope is a static rope with extremely low elongation and long life. Thanks to its properties, it is perfect for professional use in freedive centers and when organizing competitions.

The Competition rope goes through the pulleys perfectly, it is suitable for use in all types of jams, stoppers and winches. It is, therefore, suitable for use in counter ballast systems and also for no-limit dives with sled. Thanks to its construction, it has minimal elongation, high abrasion resistance and high strength (10mm / 1900daN and 12mm / 2200daN). We produce the rope in white in diameters of 10 and 12 mm.

Material: braided rope with twisted cores, material polyester

Colours: white

Instructions for use and maintenance:

- check the rope carefully before each use and decommission the rope if you find excessive wear or mechanical damage
- after use, rinse with clean water and allow to dry in a well-ventilated place
- Untie all knots before storage
- Store the rope in a dry and dark place Navn: Lager: Pris: Antall:
Konkurranseline 10mm 100m Konkurranseline 10mm 100m På lager 1 800,00/st
Konkurranseline 12mm 80m Konkurranseline 12mm 80m På lager 1 850,00/st
Konkurranseline 12mm 90m Konkurranseline 12mm 90m På lager 2 050,00/st