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Core snorkel

Core snorkel

The perfect mask for freedivers of any level. Low-volume and snug, for comfortable equalization and crystal clear vision underwater.

Our Molchanovs Core Line sets the standard for quality, comfort and value in everyday Freediving gear. Recognizable Molchanovs design, subtle yet stylish. The trusted choice in all waters around the world, by Freedivers for Freedivers.

The Molchanovs Core Mask is the perfect Freediving companion for freedivers of all levels. Practical, comfortable, and durable, it's everything you'll ever need in a Freediving mask.

The soft silicone skirting is flexible and comfy, with clear, shatter-proof plastic lenses and adjustable strap.

Sizing note: this mask measure 14 cm from temple to temple and may be too narrow for those with wider faces.


Details & Materials:

Durable plastic frame
Clear resin lenses
Soft silicone skirting & strap
Sizing note: This mask may be a bit small for those with wider faces. If you measure more than 20 cm from temple to temple (see picture below), this mask may be narrow for you. Navn: Lager: Pris: Antall:
Molchanov Core snorkel hvit Molchanov Core snorkel hvit På lager 230,00/st
Molchanov Core snorkel sort Molchanov Core snorkel sort På lager 230,00/st