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The AquaDisc® a remarkable underwater flying Frisbee that brings new fun during dive and swimming activities. It glides like a fish through the water. Flat floor area in the sea, lake and pool are best suited to play. You can play a number of throw and catch games under water with the AquaDisc®. It is a successful underwater toy made in the USA. It works like a Frisbee disc, but it is hydro-dynamically optimised for underwater use. With just one gentle throw, it can elegantly slide through water. It is not necessary to turn it like the Frisbee. The development of the AquaDisc® goes back to the early 1980s. Wink Thome as a student participated in a research project with sea animals and a used a bowling ball for playing with a dolphin. Fascinated by the special behaviour underwater, he developed the AquaDisc® a few years later. The blue part of the AquaDisc® is made from hollow, rigid plastic, the yellow rim made of a soft, special rubber material. The AquaDisc® has a diameter of about 30 cm, weighs about 390 g and has a slight drive output in freshwater. It is available in the colour combination of blue/yellow.

Item details:
Underwater toy for throwing and catching game types
Glides like a fish through the water
Suitable for play in the sea, lake or pool
Diameter: approx. 30 cm
Weight: approximately 390 g Navn: Lager: Pris: Antall:
Aquadisc Aquadisc På lager 500,00/st