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Eneste fridykkercomputer som snakker.


What is Roorka?
The easiest way to describe it – it is a dive computer.

Interesting is fact that this one was made by freediver.
So You cannot be surprised that this computer is different from all available on the market.

It will be relatively easy to say what the invention does not have:
No wrist strap
No buttons
No display…

Before we talk about the most important things in Roorka I will give you some of it’s characteristic:
It is constructed with the finest, precisely selected parts
Has unparalleled accuracy
Makes up to 10 depth measurements per second
Maximum ceiling of 130/290 meters
Allows setting parameters for each dive profile
Charging and programming via USB
…this is just a few of the possibilities that Roorka has.

And now the most important…

Do you know what does diving look like?
There is an incredible silence…
The deeper - the darker…
Despite the lack of haste – under the water every second is counted and valuable

Aiming the buttons is waste of time
On the display so little can be seen (and when you close your eyes - you see nothing)

That is why Roorka was made - a unique dive computer. Navn: Lager: Pris: Antall:
Roorka Roorka Ikke på lager 4 600,00/st