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AF35 AutoFlash kit

AF35 AutoFlash kit

The Most Simple Way To Add A Strobe.

  • Proprietary AutoFlash Wireless TTL Exposure

    The AutoFlash built-in sensor transmits data from the camera's flash to the AF35 strobe, varying the strobe's power automatically to replicate "TTL" exposure. The AutoFlash system is designed to the camera's pre-flash sequence to fire the strobe at the correct time and maximize output.

    The AutoFlash sensor is positioned to provide the most reliable strobe triggering possible without exposed cables which require maintenance and can tangle or break.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Two large, easy to read dials provide all of the settings necessary for control of the flash system. The AF35 strobe rear dial features OFF, Auto (TTL) plus six Manual Power settings. The AutoFlashsensor rear dial provides simple plus/minus EV exposure compensation in the Auto (TTL) mode.

    The system's comfortable rubberized grip and neutral buoyancy make it a pleasurable addition to any housing. A flexible arm system allows quick repositioning of the strobe angle and adds no weight to the system.

    A simple battery door is easy to remove and replace and provides a clear view of the o-ring seal. The strobe's battery compartment is independently sealed from the electronics preventing further damage in the event of a flood. Navn: Lager: Pris: Antall:
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